The Passionists - Holy Spirit Province Australia, NZ, PNG and Vietnam

The Passionist way of life


Passionists live as contemplatives in action and minister by preaching "about Jesus and only about Him  as the crucified Christ."  I Cor. 2:2


As CONTEMPLATIVES, we commit to:


Active Solidarity,

Enduring compassion for those who have never known or have forgotten the love of God revealed in the Cross.


Active Community,

Sharing faith, hope and love to strengthen each other in prayer and action.


Active Living of the Vows,

Joyful commitment to the truth, love and memory of Christ’s Passion.


As PREACHERS, we commit to:


Active Prayer,

Contemplating the challenges and solutions to injustice, loss and longing.


Active Service

Proclaiming the message of the cross to an alienated world forgetful of God.


Active Hope

Announcing the Word of God in new and creative ways to the crucified of today.

We follow the spirituality and inspiration of St. Paul of the Cross who gathered companions in community to remember the Passion of Jesus by means of contemplation and ministry. That is why we are called Passionists.  Following Paul’s rule, vowed Passionist Priests and Brothers live lives of contemplation and service within a community setting. In prayer, Passionists strive to address the causes of profound suffering in the world. In community, Passionist discover the source of their apostolic fruitfulness.


Passionist Priests and Brothers intervene in the suffering and death present in the world through their prayer and service. Passionists proclaim and extend the compassion and love of Jesus to the sick, the poor and the abandoned.


In this Province, Passionists preach parish missions and renewals; welcome those who seek spiritual renewal in Passionist retreat centres; comfort and console the sick and afflicted in hospitals; celebrate pastoral care in parishes; teach and minister in universities. Passionists also serve the Papua New Guinea community, New Zealand community, and the Australian Aboriginal Community.




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