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Prayer in a Passionist’s Life


Passionists not only pray every day, but prayer is an integral part of their lives. They are people of prayer. In fact, Passionists organize their whole life around prayer.


Passionists pray in common. Each community sets aside certain times of the day when everyone gathers for prayer. The three most important moments of prayer are Morning Prayer, Eucharist and Evening Prayer. Communities may also gather for silent prayer in common and for faith-sharing and other kinds of devotional prayer. Prayer is integral to the Passionist way of life.


In this section, you will meet those who have been shaped and influenced by prayer, especially prayer centred in the Passion of Jesus. May these accounts inspire you to pray more.!

Fr Clemente Baron CP.






What Passionists say about Prayer


Fr John Pearce CP. Parish Priest, Marrickville, NSW.


Prayer is the moment of the day when I stop and connect with God in a personal way. Moments of Prayer can be any time any where.


 Prayer can be when I am standing in a hospital room with a family awaiting a loved one’s imminent death.  I feel quite powerless, so I turn the moment and the people over to God.


Prayer can be when I am standing in the ocean waters in summer, a response to the sense of God’s love and presence washing over me.  Prayer can be when I am holding a new born baby, when I am struck by the beauty of new life that God has given us.


Prayer can be the Thank You words I often say when I lead people in giving thanks for all God has given us in each other.  Prayer can be the times when we sit as a Community praying the Prayer of the Church, a prayer with all the Church throughout the world.


Prayer has its ultimate expression when we gather as the People of God to Celebrate the Eucharist.  I am often overwhelmed by the privilege I have been given to lead God’s People in Prayer.


Prayer becomes a Bridge, one we walk across to meet God, only to find He is the Bridge that carries us.





Fr Tony Egar CP. Passionist Priest, Community Leader, Marrickville.


Prayer for any Christian is the life-blood of faith, hope and love. We cannot be followers of Christ without a contemplative stance before the dead-and-risen Christ. So it is for me as a Passionist. My calling as a Passionist becomes meaningless and hollow without a relationship with God that is alive, ever-changing and ultimately growing.


To be “at the foot of the Cross” in prayer means, for me, to have a vital relationship with the Jesus who, on the Cross, showed himself to be totally confident in the Father’s loving presence.


It leads to more and more “giving-over” in trust to the God who holds our lives gently and with strength.






Br James Coucher CP. Passionist Brother - Adelaide


· It is talking to God about the life He gave me.

· It is not a lot of pious thoughts.

· It is not a lot of repetitious words.

· It is telling God where I am at in my life.


· Telling Him of my strengths and the good things happening for me.

· Telling Him of my weaknesses, failures and sinfulness.

· Always asking for His help.

· Thanking Him for His goodness to me.


I talk to God, knowing He is there with me while working and if things are going wrong I remind myself that I can “do all things in Him Who strengthens me” (Phil. 4:13)

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