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Prayers for Vocations


For men discerning vocations


Lord, sometimes I just don’t know who I am, much less who I want to become!  Sometimes I want it all and feel bold and daring!  There are times when I think that I can do it all if only “they” would let me.  There are other times when I have no idea what direction to take.


In times of quiet, when I listen to you, Lord, I feel that I am someone you are calling to serve you in a special way.  I don’t always want to pay attention to that voice, that call I feel within.  I know I should listen, Lord, I know I should and not be so fearful, so timid!


Give me the courage to do more than just listen and wonder.  Give me the courage to act and to not be afraid of who you are calling me to be.  Bless me with the courage to trust in you and to follow my own heart’s deepest desire.


Lord, please give me wisdom to trust my thoughts and feelings and to seek advice from others who walk closely with you each day.  Help me to be open to your will and to accept my vocation no matter where it leads.  I know you love me and that you will show me the way I must follow.




A Parent’s prayer


O Mary and Joseph, how we love our children and how we want to be good parents to them every day of our lives.  We thank you for our beautiful family and for everyone who calls us their “mother” or “father”.


As parents, you always wanted the best for your Son, Jesus.  You did not always understand him and you did not always know where he was going, but your love for him was always there, even when you faithfully stood at the foot of the Cross of Calvary.


Give us the grace to encourage our own children to follow their cherished dreams.  May we always see the calling to be a priest, brother or sister as a blessing and a gift, not only for our family but for everyone in the world.



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