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Seeing the signs


There are times when we need signs to help us find our way through life. Most of the times, such signs are visible and clear. At other times, they may be there and we can read them, but they are not helpful. How many times have we left a main street of a city, and we are surrounded by street signs, but we still do not know where we are? Even though these signs are present, we are still lost. These signs are visible but not immediately helpful. We need a map to help us read those signs so that we can arrive at our destination.


Some signs are physical and internal. Many times when we are sitting in a doctor’s office, there will be pamphlets helping us to identify physical and mental signs. What signs tell us that we are having a heart attack? What are the signs that say that we may have diabetes? What are the signs of depression? When we learn to read those signs correctly, then we may be able to get back to good physical and emotional health. Sometimes we need help to help us understand the signs we are given in life.


What are some signs that I may have a vocation to religious life or priesthood? How do I know that I may be called to be a Passionist? Here are some signs to help us with those very important concerns. These signs are questions that we need to answer respectfully, truthfully and profoundly. No superficial answers will do. Superficial answers will only lead us down the wrong path in our life. Truthful and honest answers will bring clarity and direction to our life.


So, Follow Our Sign! Maybe God is leading you to be a religious, a priest or a brother. Maybe God is saying to you: Consider the Passionists!

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