The Passionists - Holy Spirit Province Australia, NZ, PNG and Vietnam

Getting to know us!


Discerning your vocation is a process of discovery aided by prayer and being in contact with a mentor.  It is about  exploring important personal goals that will require openness and honesty.


Initial Discernment is a first serious look into whether you have a vocation to religious life, and in particular, to our Passionist Community.


A Passionist will explore with you some of the thoughts and feelings that have led you to this point.  This journey of initial discernment will also involve partnering with a Spiritual Director and a prayer partner.



The next stage is the Formal Discernment (Postulant).  You will do this with a vowed Passionist who will accompany you as we ask you to take a deeper look at your faith life and of your understanding of religious life and the reasons leading you to the Passionists.  You will also learn more about how Passionists live in community and the various kinds of ministries Passionists are involved with.  This all takes place while living in a formation community with Passionists.


You will learn more about our founder, St Paul of the Cross, and about our Passionist Charism - that is the fire that inspires us to dedicate our lives to live as Passionists.  This stage may take a year to complete.  As your formal discernment progresses, you and your accompanier will decide if your are called to enter into the Novitiate phase of formation.


What is important to keep in mind is that the discernment process is a process of dialogue with your accompanier and other Passionists and experiencing the Passionist way of life first-hand.

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