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Do you think you have a calling?


If you are reading this, you’re probably thinking about your future.  Perhaps you feel a restlessness within and a call to a more meaningful way of life.  Perhaps you are the kind of person who is looking for the challenge of “the road less travelled”.  You may be wondering if you are being faithful to your true self, if there’s a more fulfilling way to use the talents and strengths God has given you.  Maybe you’ve heard about a Passionist, or you may have met a Passionist and you would like to know more about our community, our ministry, our prayer lives, our passion for life!  Whatever your reason, We would like to hear from you.



Promises we make to YOU


We promise to respond promptly to your enquiry when you contact us.

We promise to accompany you on your journey of discernment.

We promise to be truthful to you at all times and to treat you with respect.


Promises you make to US


You promise to see your time of discernment as a gift from God.

You promise to be honest and truthful to your accompanier and to yourself.

You promise to make every effort to be faithful to your own discernment journey.


When deciding on the direction for your life, it’s normal to have mixed feelings and many questions.  However, we encourage you to also consider the wonderful opportunities that are possible as a full-time minister in the Church, be it as a priest or a professed brother.


As preachers and missionaries, spiritual guides and chaplains, teachers and men of prayer, the road we travel as Passionists is enriching and challenging.  Being a religious congregation that has communities in 59 countries, many Passionists find themselves living their ministry where the need of the people is; it is a life of giving and at times, not counting the cost.


As you continue to explore your calling we invite you to:-


Be active within your faith community such as your parish.

Find a good spiritual director, someone you trust and respect, who can lead you in the ways of God. Take time to pray.

 Keep a spiritual journal and look for additional prayer experiences, such as retreats, that will nourish  your life.


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